Monday, May 10, 2010


Welcome to "Schizotypically Speaking!" My name is Mike Burke and I'm the author of this blog.
this blog is being produced to help people who have been diagnosed with Schizotypal Personlity Disorder. This blog should not be used in leiu of professional counsel, though it it should help you to understand life a little easier if you have been diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder. (STPD) for short.
I am somebody who does have this condition and it's my goal to bring this out into the light so that the public can learn about it and learn about those of us who have this condition. It should be pretty obvious by now that you can see already, we are quite different from those who walk in a normal world. Together we are going to explore life as a person who has STPD. We will get to see things from different perspectives and understandings and hopefully get the boogeyman out of the closet so you get a clearer picture of just who we are. It's my intention from time to time to have guests, hopefully Doctors, Counselors and Social Workers that could point us on the right direction and help us all to understand better just why we as Schizotypals do the things we do. I hope that you would join with me as we venture into just what may be the final frontier yet, "the human mind" and live, laugh, learn, Together.

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