Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Use BIG Words

As a person with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, it's important to understand that we just simply do not think like normal people. We like to take the "Scenic route" if you will. We will try to think of different ways to get the same goal accomplished. It's presently not known why we do this, sometimes it defies logic. Normal people still have increasing difficulty in trying to understand our thought processes and the truth is we understand that because so do we. Our language as schizotypals is often seen as strange because we use words that don't get to be heard everyday unless a person who is around it often comes in contact with it. We don't think we are being strange we don't see what we are doing as being odd but the normal world has a major hang up with us and it's something that we just don't comprehend. We want to try to resolve the matter but we don't really know how. We are often frustrated by this, so what tends to happen is that we isolate ourselves and we don't want to talk about it because we feel that we can't talk about it. Our words are large big and elaborate. We will insert words in places that do seem odd from time to time but the question is left to be asked, "Why hold it against us?" We are a smart people with a large vocabulary and our understanding of our vocabulary essentially becomes us. We are comforatable with our linguisistic skills and that comfort to the normal world seems unsettling. It's not anything that we can really explain, but we only ask that you try to please understand and be patient with us.

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