Sunday, June 6, 2010

DSM V Overboard And Out of Control

By this point in time, you probably do realize that I'm not a "fan" of the Diagnostic Statistics Manual also known as the DSM book Whatever version it may be. The DSM is pubished by the American Psychiatric Association which is also known as the APA. Just ask any college student who attends the University of Phoenix how much of a whack job the APA is with their crazy formatting for academic papers. Clearly I'm no fan of the APA. The APA are label freaks. They live to label people, sometimes these labels appear to even be libel. To somebody with a disability these labels can cause an undue amount of stress, tension and aggravation. I watch like a hawk what changes that get made to the DSM. I question their authority and see it as dubious.

The DSM wants to label everything without regard to the subsequent consequences of negative impact that their labels can have on a person. I ask questions and challenge it. I can accept that I am schizotypal. My Doctor has given me tests, made me answer 366 questions but I still don't feel that it's definitive and and don't believe it went deep enough. My challenge to the Doctor is to figure it out, do the math perhaps come to a conclusion without using the DSM.

The latest diagnosis by the APA for the DSM book is called " Hypersexual Disorder" it's a proposal of something to be added to the book while at the same time APA wants to have "Schizoaffective Disorder" stricken. Inflammatory statements have been made in reference to the DSM because of the way it presents itself. One such statement is about the way us schizotypals believe in "magical thinking" I'm not going to deny that. We do, but I'm going to stand on it too. The commentary I had read is that it had said that people who are of the "Christian persuasion" are all schizotypally inclined" because we have faith in God who is "Supernatural" The DSM is a worldly book and it's it constantly changing and being updated by people who do not associate with things such as Christianity or religion. What the people who associate with Christianity would know is that though we believe in the unseen (that's our faith)

So just as the DSM says what our situation is under section 301.22 A person of the Christian Persuasion knows that in his book the Bible, which has been around a lot longer than the DSM, says in Eph 6-12 " For the war is not with flesh and blood but against the principalities, powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Quite honestly I took offense at the comments I have heard but I remembered that part in the Bible (which was the original manual by the way) because this is the war , the battle if you will.

DSM is constantly changing and being updated and revised, it's always clashing against the immovable unchanging word of God, which is the final word. DSM is a weapon and a deadly weapon. The American Psychiatric Asociation has lost sight of Sigmund Freud's conclusion that "sometimes a couch is just a couch" . Christians will tell you that in the Bible (the original manual- The New Living Translation) - "But in that coming day no weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord, their vindication will come from me. I the Lord have spoken."
Isaiah 54-17

We take solace in that because we know that our faith is and has to be stronger than those poison-tipped arrows shot at us by the DSM. DSM is going to shoot it's arrows and it's going to do it in the name of "normalcy" The DSM has to be written from what they call a "scientific" point of view. What science itself fails to recognize is that Everything it comes to understand is a blessing and a gift that leads to learning and enrichment. It was not anything done by man.

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